Old Stones

Record Label: WAHOO
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Back in 1974, Jim Wallace (a Dundee man) immigrated to New-Zealand. After immigrating to New-Zealand he started a family band "The Outlaw Band" and that band is still going strong today. Jim and his three sons "Jimmy, Robert & Alex"
have just released their second album "Old Stones". The Outlaws have also recently recorded a double country/gospel album (a NZ music Tui Award 2004 nomination) with NZ guitar Legend "Peter Posa" which includes the song "Oklahoma" a Jim Wallace composition that features on Old Stones...


The Outlaws are undoubtedly among the cream of New Zealands Country-Rock acts today, with a fine pedigree of musicians involved throughout the last 25 years of the N.Z. Country music scene.

The unique thing is that they are all a family.....the WALLACE family, father Jim and three sons: Jim Jnr., Bass, vocals; Robert, drums, vocals; Alex, guitars, vocals.

Jim Snr, guitar, harmonica, vocals, has written the bands new original album 'Jim Wallace & Sons', 'Óld Stones' which was produced by youngest son Alex.

Jim and the boys have travelled as a group in their own right, or as members of other line-ups to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Scotland and of course all over New Zealand, performing in shows including Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Tom Jones, Johnny Tillotson, Peter Posa, Jimmy Vaughn and the Thunderbirds, Susan Raye, Suzanne Prentice, Tom Sharplin, Patsy Riggir, Shane, Ritchie Pickett, Gray Bartlett, Brendan Dugan, Jodi Vaughan.

The group appeared recently on the 'Mary Lambie' T.V. show and TV One "Sunday" Peter Posa documentary & work together now full time performing their own style of original music.

The OUTLAWS are established in Northland, New Zealand and are armed and ready to come out of their hideout anytime!!!!



author: Faye
Hey guys, your music is great.
author: maureen davies
his songs are great, just what i love, my sister is a singer in nz and her name jodi vaughan, i love her songs, but jim sounds great, every one who hears him shoud be proud. maureen davies
author: Geppi!!!Your #1 fan!!!
Your songs are reallly cool. Mr played your songs to us and its so good. x0x
I thought it was "country" but not quite,
author: Georgina
Hi team We enjoyed the variety of songs, but we did expect more with a country flavour however being of scottish decent it was very easy listening,we may purchase your others later
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