Back in 1974,  Jim Wallace (a Dundee man) immigrated  to  New-Zealand. After immigrating to Whangarei New-Zealand he started a family band called "The Outlaw Band", The Outlaws are undoubtedly among the cream of New Zealands Country Rock acts today, with a fine pedigree of musicians involved throughout the  last  30  years of the N.Z. Country music scene. 

Jim and the boys have traveled as a group in their own right or as members of other line-ups to the U.S. Canada, Australia, Scotland and New-Zealand performing in shows including Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Tom Jones, Johnny Tillotson, Peter Posa, Jimmy Vaughn & the Thunderbirds, Tom Sharplin, Patsy Riggir,  Shane & Ritchie  Pickett.

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Jim Wallace and Sons | Old Stones

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